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 Derivatives are financial contracts, which derive their value from the underlying assets such as
* Equity
* Stocks
* Bonds
* Stock-indices
* Commodities
* Precious Metals
* Foreign exchange or any other asset

Broadly four types of derivatives are traded
* Forwards
* Futures
* Options
* Swaps
The world over, derivatives are key part of the financial system.

Advantages of Derivatives

* Derivatives help to improve market efficiency because risks can be isolated and sold to those who are willing to accept taking these risks at the least cost.
* The use of derivatives breaks risk into pieces, which can be managed independently. Thus, from the market prospective, derivatives offer the free trading of financial risks.
* The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai launched its first Exchange traded financial derivative product in Sensex Futures on June 9, 2000. National Stock Exchange (NSE) commenced trading in Index Futures on June 12, 2000.
* It took one more important step forward in the Capital Market Reforms when Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) allowed trading in equities-based derivatives on the Stock Exchanges in the country in June 2000.
* In view of positive market & investors interest in derivatives, NSE introduced trading in index options on June 4, 2001 while options on individual securities was launched on July 2, 2001.

In this segment also, SHRIAM GROUP has promptly taken a plunge in making huge investments to obtain membership of all concerned exchanges and has upgraded its technology to serve all our Business Associates and investor-clientele to provide them better and varied opportunities for profit making and capital appreciation.

And, we feel very happy to pronounce that we have recorded excellent progress in having very deep and wide client-base from multi-centers and multi-states in the country with good turnover in a wide spectrum of commodities. We are in the fast-pace growth mode in this vital segment and we wish to double-up and develop our client base to many more centers and states to offer better services of SHRIAM GROUP resulting in ever increasing profit-making chances to our existing and prospective clients.

As regards futures trading in commodities is concerned, it has resulted in transparent and fair price discovery on account of large scale participations of entities associated with different value chains and reflects views and expectations of wider section of people related to these commodities. Futures trading also provides effective platform for price risk management for all segments of market participants ranging from producers, traders, processors, exporters/importers and end-users of the commodity.

BSE CM : INB 011229938
BSE FO: INF 011229938
NSE CM : INB 231229932
NSE FO : INF 231229932
NSE CURRENCY : INE 231229932
MCX SEBI REG NO : INE 261229932
ICEX : 1011
CDSL DP NO : 12044900
CDSL : IN-DP-CDSL-350-2006
ARN NO : 78125
SEBI Registration no. of USE : INE271229937
SEBI Registration no. of BSE Currency : INE011229938
FMC Reg. no. of ACE : ACEL/TCM/PART/0265
Member Code of ACE : 6096
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