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Brokers Norms

This document contains important information regarding the terms and conditions, which apply to your E-Trading Account with Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY and retain it for future reference. Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Opening your Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. E-Trading Account

To start E-Trading with Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. you need to open a Trading Account and a Depository (or Demat shares) Account with Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. (SFPL). All receipts and payments for buying and selling of shares and all commissions and charges will be posted to your Trading Account . Shares which you buy and sell through the trading Account will be received in or delivered from your Demat Account.

Trading Account refers to the Account of client maintained by SFPL in their books of accounts.

Demat Account refers to the Account opened by you with Depository for holding securities in electronic form. For the purpose of E-Broking through Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. Demat Account refers to the Account opened by client with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) through SFPL as Depository Participants (DP).

If you already have a Demat Account with SFPL, then the same Account can be linked to your E-Trading Account. Just give us your Account details at the time of becoming an E-Trading customer.

Before we can make your Account operative, we require that you fill and sign all forms / agreements which form part of your Account opening kit, and supply us with all the relevant legal documents and financial information which law requires us to maintain You warrant and represent that the information that you supply in your Account Application (or other information that Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. may require) is accurate and truthful. You also expressly authorize Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. to obtain reports concerning your credit standing and business conduct.

If your application is approved, Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. will open an E-Trading Account (an "Account") for you. We reserve the absolute right to either accept or reject your application on any grounds whatsoever and you agree that you shall not dispute the result in any manner whatsoever.

Applicable Rules and Regulations

All transactions in your Account shall be subject to the constitution, rules, regulations, customs and usage of the exchange or market, and its clearing house, if any, where the transactions are executed by Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. or its agents, including Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd.'s subsidiaries and affiliates. Also, where applicable, the transactions shall be subject to the provisions of the Securities and Contracts Regulations Act (SCRA), as amended, and to the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), the exchanges where Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. will facilitate trading, and any applicable self-regulatory organization.

Who is eligible?

You can open these Accounts if you are over 18 years and if you will operate this on an individual basis. It is open for resident Indian only.

Indian regulations require us to maintain basic financial details about each client. You need to provide us the details of your bank Account. Your signatures on the Account opening form need to be the same, as maintained in the bank records. All Resident Individuals need to provide us Income Tax returns details - IT PAN/GIR number, during your Account opening process.

Contract notes

Indian rules currently require issuance of contract notes for all buying and selling of shares. Shriam Financial Pvt. Ltd. will issue physical contract notes, till such time that the legal requirement to do so exist.

Contract notes will be sent by courier/ post.

BSE CM : INB 011229938
BSE FO: INF 011229938
NSE CM : INB 231229932
NSE FO : INF 231229932
NSE CURRENCY : INE 231229932
MCX SEBI REG NO : INE 261229932
ICEX : 1011
CDSL DP NO : 12044900
CDSL : IN-DP-CDSL-350-2006
ARN NO : 78125
SEBI Registration no. of USE : INE271229937
SEBI Registration no. of BSE Currency : INE011229938
FMC Reg. no. of ACE : ACEL/TCM/PART/0265
Member Code of ACE : 6096
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